Deep Tech

Deep Tech represents the frontier of innovation that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of technological advancements.  The advances made possible by Deep Tech go beyond marginal improvements:  Encompassing cutting-edge fields such as Quantum, Photonics, Advanced Materials, AI, Nanotech, Microelectronics... the convergence of technological breakthroughs will create unimaginable opportunities and redefine industries and societies in the next decade.

The game-changing potential of Deep Tech lies in its ability to address complex and global challenges in radically new ways, unlocking unprecedented efficiencies, and introducing disruptive solutions across sectors. Unlike incremental advancements, Deep Tech delves into the core of scientific and technological exploration, pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible.

Some see dreamers where we see entrepreneurs, opportunities where others see only risk.  If you are founder that sees the future, whether spinning out of a research center or doing deep engineering, we want to help you in making your vision real supporting you every step of the way.

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We invest in innovative companies from the most diverse sectors and are proud of the strong ties we form with the management teams.

In the context of creating and scaling new Deep Tech companies, having the right partners with experience in this space is a challenge. Big Sur Ventures is a reference that understands the complex balance between strategy and execution in Deep Tech. They are not just partners; they are our travel companions and advisors from the earliest stages, in all aspects and fronts of FLOATECH, helping us in our vision to electrify the future.


“Big Sur has been a game changer for Frenetic, with their support, experience and reputation, we have grown as a company and attracted more capital.”

Frenetic (SP Control)

“Deciding who are the best investors to add to your next round of financing is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions any entrepreneur must make. It's not just about getting capital for your company; it's about adding value and making you stronger. Big Sur has been and continues to be a continuous support for the company and for the team that leads it. They support us with the knowledge that comes from entrepreneurship, and they do it with a deep respect, always leaving us the freedom to make the last decision.”


Since 2012 we have partnered early with extraordinary founders across sectors.

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