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We invest early in people with deep conviction in great ideas…

We are comfortable with the rough edges of a new project. This comes from investing early. We help founders from day one. We are a high conviction investor and lead investments even if no one else gets it. But talk to our founders, they will tell you better than we can.

Seed is a critical stage in a company's development. Moving quickly and effectively from hypotheses to validations is something we understand well.

Our criteria

Seed Phase

Seed is where the magic starts to happen: Validating hypotheses, attaining initial MVP and identifying the growth levers in preparation for scaling. The company should have early metrics.


The team is the critical element in the successful pursuit of the vision. We look for exceptional people with which we can enjoy the process to reaching the goal.


We invest in internet, software and IT. We are sector agnostic and look for highly scalable projects with credible unit economics, whether B2B, B2C or B2B2C... 


We invest between €100k-1M in our first investment.


The project should seek to solve a large problem in a truly unique way. This is critical to defining the size of the opportunity.

Our Strategy


Big Sur centers its interest in innovative companies that produce breakthrough products and services that promise to provide transformative benefits to a market. We seek great projects that can change the structure of the market.

High Conviction Investors

We realize everything is not perfect at the seed stage. That’s ok, we know that investing early means being comfortable with the rough edges of a new project. 

active investors

We understand what it takes to transform even the best ideas into successful companies. The challenges are significant. As a result, we take an involved, hands-on approach to our portfolio companies providing operational guidance, transactional expertise, capital, network and overall judgment to maximize the potential for success.


The best idea addressing a huge market with a transformative approach means nothing without the right team. Execution is everything. And personal connection between founders and investor is critical to making things happen.

How are you shaking things up?

if you have a disruptive project, we'd love to hear about it.

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