Power of Internet

From the 90’s the Internet has been a backbone of innovation serving as a catalyst for transformative technologies and business models that disrupt entire industries, expand existing markets, and create new ones while redefining consumer and business user expectations. Things have not slowed down, quite the opposite. Internet has been the foundation for the rise of big data, artificial intelligence, DLT (e.g. Blockchain) and the Internet of Things (IoT), and more, each of which has opened new avenues for innovation and value creation.

This digital revolution, powered by internet-based innovations, is continuously evolving, offering a canvas for future breakthroughs that promise to further transform our world. The 'Power of Internet' theme captures the essence of this ongoing shift, highlighting the critical role of the internet in fostering an environment where technological advancements and market transformations occur at an accelerated pace.

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"Big Sur has been essential in the progress of our project from its seed phase. Their conviction for our idea, plus their level of commitment and input from the start is unique. We see Big Sur as a fourth co-founder."


“Managing a business is a path surrounded by challenges. To deal with those challenges you don't need cheerleaders. You need, instead, partners that provide real hands-on advice. That's exactly what Big Sur does”.


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